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Why Adopting a German Shepherd Dog is Cool

by Albert John May 09, 2017

Why Adopting a German Shepherd Dog is Cool

German shepherd is one of the most excellent dog breed there is, but this is not saying that other breeds are anything less, for all kinds of dogs deserve all the love in the world.

Whenever you see a German Shepherd though, what mostly comes into mind is ‘It’s a police dog!’ partly because of their appearances and portrayals in TV and movies, which also brought them celebrity status among their peers.

But these are not all fiction, German Shepherds are indeed, police and K9 dogs because of their keen sense, intelligence, and good work ethic. And as a testament of their excellency, several German Shepherds have been awarded medal of Honors in the military!

As if these are not reason enough to be cool and own a German shepherd on your own, here are some clearly laid out reasons why you should have one of your own.

  1. Easy to train

German Shepherds are easy to train, and they love learning too! Making the teaching process more enjoyable for you, and also increasing the possible things you could do with them.

  1. Healthy and Active

German Shepherds are also generally healthy and active dogs. This means that unlike other breeds of have larger size, German Shepherds only have few health problems that can concern you, and because they always want to play and move around, they compel you to be healthy also and go a walk or run with them.

  1. Can be Good Companions

When socialized and trained well in their young age, German Shepherds can be good companions to you, they are naturally inclined to be friendly and sweet, and they can even be marvelous playmates with your children.

  1. Security and Loyalty

And lastly, which is surely not the less, is the protection and loyalty they can give you. Even if they are not aggressive, their looks and reputations alone can intimidate even the toughest dudes. And if, however, you are facing any real danger, it is sure that German Shepherds got your back.

With this talk, I am almost certain that you want to be cool and own a German Shepherd.

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Albert John
Albert John

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