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If your kitty is anything like most, he or she is the self-proclaimed ruler of the household. And, as we know, every queen needs a throne from which to watch her adoring minions. Cat beds give your cat a comfy place to sleep and also act as a sanctuary when your pet is tired of laying down the law.

You can get a huge selection cat beds online. Choose something simple, like a simple mattress, or go all out and get your cat his own little condo. If you have more than one cat, you can buy cat baskets for cheap online and get one per cat in the home.

Knowing cats, they’ll probably end up sleeping together or taking over the dog’s bed, but it’s still a good idea to get each kitty their own individual cat bed.

When you set out to find a cat basket, you will have many cat beds you can choose from. Consider something imminently practical, something stylish, or something really cute. All your cat needs is a comfy place to sleep and some padding to ensure that he/she is protected from the cold coming up through the floor. A good cat bed will make sure they stay warm.

We advise getting a cat bed that is just big enough for your full-grown cat. Kitties like to be snug so don’t go too big here. If you’re putting the cat bed on the floor, consider putting a rug underneath it to further insulate it from the cold. Otherwise consider choosing one of our cat baskets if the cold is not a big issue.

If you have a kitty who is shy, or who wants somewhere to hide, it’s a good idea to get a cat bed that is closed in on top. That way, the cat always has a safe place to retreat to when all is said and done.

Make sure to pair your cat bed with a nice cat drinking bowl or fountain