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Cat Care & Grooming

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Cat grooming is essential if you have a very fluffy breed of kitty. This keeps their fur from snagging and getting all snarled up. Cat care grooming is not just for show cats or special breeds, however. Even if you have a cat that has short hair, brushing it daily will be a treat for your cat and help you bond with it.

Cat grooming products range from the more novelty items, like a “tongue” that allows you to lick your cat during grooming, to highly practical brushes, shampoos, toenail clippers, and more.

You can buy cat grooming products online. We recommend starting with a basic brush. You’ll need something that will easily smooth out the hair without causing the cat discomfort. Brushes in this line typically have bobbles on the bristles or bent bristles to ensure that the cat is not scratched.

Clipping your cat’s toenails might be another thing that you want to look into doing. We’d advise being guided by your cat here. If they are active and use their scratching post regularly, the length of the nails is not likely to be a problem.

If you feel that the nails should be clipped, we advise taking your cat to a vet or professional groomer at least once so that you can see how it is done. The danger is that if you cut the nail too short, you could nick the blood vessel in the base. The nail will then start bleeding profusely.

Another potential danger is that you could end up splitting the nail, and this could leave it open to painful infections.

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