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Pet Clever: We Love Your Pets!

Our pets hold a very special place in our hearts, and that is why we always try to give them the best that we could give. As pet owners, have the responsibility and the duty to take care of our dogs, cats, horses, or anything that we consider as pets. Show your pets the exact, same, love they give you by showering them with tender loving care with the help of our Online Pet Store. Pet Clever caters to all pets of different varieties and sizes that are surely to warm up your pet’s heart.

Here at Pet Clever, we love your pets the same way you do!

Your One Stop Online Pet Shop!

Shopping for pet supplies and pet food has never been easier or this comfortable. If you're searching for a Pet Store Online, with just one click on our website and a quick browse, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. High quality dog bowls, Dog towels? Maybe it's cat trees or scratching posts? We also carry clothes for your cat and cat t-shirts for humans. Horse riding accessories? We got them all for you! We even have supplies for other exotic pets like fishes, birds and parrots, and rabbits to name some.

New to the world of being a pet owner? Pet Clever is the place to start shopping for pet supplies. Be sure to check out everything we offer, cause we offer a lot to our beloved pet owners, letting them choose from handpicked selections in our online pet store! We will also start our own monthly subscription this year. 

Join A Community!

Pet Clever does not only provide high quality pet accessories and supplies, we are also a community of pet owners and lovers joined together by our love for pets! We have a blog dedicated to trends, guides, helpful tips, and frequently asked questions that you will truly find useful for all the right reasons. Want to litter train your cat? Want to know how to reduce ‘dog shredding’? Everything you need to know is on our blog.

Remember that you are not alone as a pet owner for you have a whole community that you can ask help from here in Pet Clever. Interact with our experts and fellow pet owners to gain some helpful insight in improving yourself as a pet owner. Taking care of your dogs or cats has never been this easier and fun thanks to the great products you will find in our Online Pet Store!

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Let customers speak for us

2576 reviews
Scratcher and lounge

My cats love this lounge

Octagen folding pet cage

I love it and so does my cat. I thought I would use it indoors so she could get used to it. Turns out she loves it. She keeps going in it and sleeping and playing. Thank you for thinking of it.


Easy to get on, very functional

This was easy to get on my cat and she took to it right away. Stylish and functional. This is a great value.

Great set

Love the grooming set and would recommend it to anyone. The curveD sIssors are the best for grooming.

Fur buddies

I have 2 cats and they love going OUT.The harness is great.