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Cat Toys

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Cats love to play, but playing for them involves more than just having fun. Your cat has a strong hunting instinct, so play can help them exercise that instinct more constructively. Play is also essential when it comes to a younger cat as it helps them to work out excess energy.

What are the best cat toys? That’s going to depend on your cat, so our advice is to check out the range at our online store for cat toys and then buy cat toys of a few different shapes and sizes.

Start with a good few affordable cat toys, like a feather wand, ball, and possibly a little mouse as well. When playing with your cat, these toys allow her to track movement, stalk her “prey,” and catch it. These are ideal for replicating the conditions of a hunt.

You’ll also find a range of toys at the cat toys store that give kitty a mental workout. A lot of these involve a puzzle and treats. You place the treat inside the toy, and the cat has to maneuver it so that the treat falls out. This is great to stimulate the kitty’s analytical skills.

Automatic toys that move on their own are about the closest thing that your cat will get to hunting a real mouse or real prey. These toys can be switched on and then let loose. Your cat will get to chase after them and have a good time in the process.

Your cat will also love to play with cat trees and scratching posts too. See our great collection. Looking for dog toys instead? check out our toy collection here for dogs