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One habit that cats might have that drives their owners nuts is their tendency to scratch the furniture. Cat scratching trees or even plain old cat scratching posts can go a long way toward solving this issue.

A scratching board for cats gives your kitty a safe place to sharpen her claws without damaging your furniture. When you go to buy scratching trees online, you’ll find that they come in many different shapes and sizes.

Basic cat scratchers might be as simple as corrugated cardboard glued together. These usually come with a small packet of catnip that can be rubbed into the grooves to make your cat’s scratching experience that much more fun. These can leave something of a mess, so be warned.

Posts made with sisal and wood are more durable and won’t leave bits of cardboard lying in their wake. They might, therefore, be a better option if you want to avoid messy cleanups.

How elaborate you choose to get with the scratching post or tree depends on how much you want to spend. You can get trees that have scratching pads, toys, and platforms incorporated into them. If you’re looking for something for a new addition to the family, you can find those with cat condos as well.

The idea with these more elaborate trees is to provide your cat with a full entertainment center and also with a great place to sleep and relax. These can be a good bet because they will satisfy your cat’s need to climb as well.

If your cat already has a great scratching post or tree to climb, you may want to check out our great selection of cat toys here. We also sell the best cat beds baskets online.