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Cat Litter Boxes & Litter Trays

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Making sure that your cat has a spot to do their business is essential, especially if the cat does not have easy access to the outdoors. Cat litter boxes offer the ideal solution. They give the cat somewhere to bury their waste and help to absorb odors.

There is a wide range of different cat litter trays to choose from online. You can choose the basic cat litter trays for cats or go for something a little more convenient, like a self-cleaning tray. The accessories for cat pee trays, such as the litter itself and anti-tracking mats, can also be found online.

The best cat litter boxes are deep enough that the cat is not able to fling too much litter out of the box. Some have a rim around the edge to ensure that the litter doesn’t go everywhere. We also recommend that you consider getting an anti-tracking mat.

These are placed next to the cat litter box and designed to catch the little particles of litter off the cat’s paws when she climbs out.

Aside from that, if you’re not choosing an automatic box, you’ll just need a scoop. Solid particles must be removed at the end of each day to keep the litter smelling fresh and to keep it more hygienic. This works best for cat litter trays.

As for the litter itself, you have several choices. A silicone-based litter is ideal for absorbing the odor of the urine and feces. When it comes to how many boxes to get, that is going to depend on how many cats are in the home. Work on at least one box per cat. That way your cat will enjoy their cat litter tray and not feel cramped.

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