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About Us

Hi, I’m Ben the Pet Lover. As a pet owner, I can say that pets are precious gems that are given to us to make our lives much happier and worth living. Every time I own a pet, I make sure that I provide the quality care that they deserve. Pets are the best stress-relievers in this world full of troubles and it’s great to be reminded that you have pets awaiting you to ease your stress in life.


Pet Clever is a company that offers ameowzing and pawfect products that your pets might need. We are dedicated to supply and provide you quality pet products such as leashes, collars, ties, beds, crate—name it all— to every state in the United States. We also accommodate and send orders to almost every country all around the globe!


Pet Clever is continuously growing to become a more innovative and vital part to serve the pet community. In this light, we would gladly want to hear your opinions, recommendations, and suggestions regarding the services and products that we provide and we can further offer to satisfy you as our beloved customers. Thus, we encourage our clients to never hesitate in contacting us. You can easily contact us through our Contact Us page.


Or you can find us at:


Pet Clever
PO Box 231
Ada, MI 49301
United States