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Dog Harness

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If you have a dog that strains against his leash, you’ve probably seen your dog just about strangle himself with a standard collar. A standard collar and leash are fine for a dog that is reasonably obedient, but if you have a rambunctious pet, they could injure themselves with it.

Shopping at a dog harness store could be the answer for you. A harness is placed across the dog’s chest and then connected up to the leash behind the dog’s shoulder blades. This helps to redistribute the pressure placed on the dog when he strains his leash, and this prevents him from being choked.

If you head over to an online dog harness store, you’ll see that there are a range of options to choose from and that not all models are designed for when your pooch is on a leash.

You can also, for example, get a dog harness for cars so that your pooch can be as safe in the car as you are. These harnesses can prevent the dog from being flung off the seat if you slam on the brakes. They can also be helpful if you have a dog that loves making a nuisance of themselves in the car.

There are more options, however. A mobility harness, for example, is something that is strapped around your dog’s lower back. This is useful for bigger doggies that have mobility issues. The harness makes it possible to lift their rear end safely and with less effort.