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Good Idea!

I was not sure if the cats would like this carrier, but they do. It took a bit of training, not they just snuggle up in it because it is laying on the floor.

Great water bowl

My cats really love this water bowl.


Put it on stainless steel refrigerator and smile every time I look at it. Love it.

Very cute

Cute. Especially if you have dogs. Someone usually compliments on it

Butterfly cat teaser toy

My youngest cat loves this, he won't let anyone else near it, but we have to shut it up in a cupboard when he cannot be supervised as he grabs it and takes it away to chew on the wire holding the butterfly and it wouldn't last long with his gnashers.

My 3 boyos love this bowl. Milo, my bengal, likes to drink from the faucet, this has alleviated his demands to turn on the faucet!

dog toy

the dog loved the pink flip flop toy!

dog toy

The chicken leg sound squeaker dog toy was loved by the toy!

Drinking water fountain

All three of my cats love drinking from this. Thank you for making them.

Super Fun!

I had to purchase a second one as both my cats and dog love it!

Dachshund dog studded earrings

Very cute, my wife loves them.


Muito funcional e bonito. Os meus gatos adoraram.

Wonderful products and service

I ordered harnesses for my cats and was very pleased with the prompt shipping and the quality of the harnesses. I will order from them again. Great company!

folding pet tent

It's perfect for a long drive in the car!

It's ok but I haven't worn it yet.


Thanks for your very quick supply. The product looks good but I have not yet used it as I am about to go on hpliday and my cat will be in a pet resort. As soon as I return I will install the seat and hope for a short training period as my cat is pretty smart. Wish me luck

The cat tent is perfect

The cat tent arrived quickly. It met our needs perfectly! Our cat can go camping with us, be outdoors, but not escape into the forest. She can lay in the sunshine, relax in the fresh air and walk around while enclosed safely while we are active performing campsite duties. After we take her walking on the leash, she is happy to go back into the tent for naps.

Cat Harness

Solid well made harness

Outside now please?

My cat quickly adjusted to wearing this. Now we can go outside safely.

Three steps pet ladder

It's the perfect size for my 15 year old teacup Chihuahua who has knee and stability problems. It's easy for her to climb and the steps are easy for her to maneuver.


I was happy with my product

The delivery was very quick and the package was sufficient. My only problem was is that I figured it would fit my cat and it was a little tight. I guess I didn't see a measurement.
Everything was great though, I would reccomend your product(s) to others. Thank you

Great product

Our cat took to the harness and leash quickly.
Well made product.