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Looks good. will try soon!!

came rather quick!

10pcs Cats Mice Toys
Everett Fahey

I find it cute but Michi my cat thought otherwise. Still, a nice cat toy

Very good, arrived in great condition, and came very fast. Recommend!

Excellent quality, my cats are fascinated. Highly recommended.

Looks sturdy and nice. Loved it!!

Perfect clipper and grooming set. Will use this, looks sturdy enough though.

Just getting there I tried it and it's the best, though I'm thinking of buying an automatic file.

Very comfy, easy to use. I never in my life cut kitten nails. Today for my first time I did.
Comes with a cover for the cutter side, so it is safe for children.

10pcs Cats Mice Toys
Magdalen Yundt

the cat loves them! the feathers are a great reason to pounce!

Excellent quality, very tough, how bad it took a lot

Does the job well.

very fast, good and useful

OK. Perfect for my pet. Customer service answer all my queries. Thank you guys!

I liked that its working but I loved most it came early here.

An excellent collar that has a perfect fit!

Round Fluffy Pet Calming Bed 

Hard to figure out at first, but managed to do it in the end. It's quite big, perhaps too big for cat nail.

I have asked a L because I have cats very large and like to sleep together. Great quality!

10pcs Cats Mice Toys
Fanny Hagenes

Crazy about you. This particular model, loves it. I gave some to friends and family with cats and feel the same. The'll buying with frequency because of both play with them just tearing apart. Pero voy changing seller according to the price.
Inside have some kind of pebbles, which make them sound a bit like a maracas, but very soft.

I love it!!! There is an extra inch for adjustment and fits well,

Working and loving it.

Very comfortable for my dog.

Very good! Met expectations!