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I was happy with my product

The delivery was very quick and the package was sufficient. My only problem was is that I figured it would fit my cat and it was a little tight. I guess I didn't see a measurement.
Everything was great though, I would reccomend your product(s) to others. Thank you

Great product

Our cat took to the harness and leash quickly.
Well made product.

Great customer Service and Product

I am very pleased with the cat harness I ordered. Well made and customer service was prompt, courteous and understanding to correct a mistake I initially made ordering. A pleasure to do business with.

Cat harness

My cat, Gilbert loves his harness and gets excited when I get it out. He is a slim cat and this is the first harness that fits him comfortably.

Pet Tent

Although my cat's don't like the tent, it's still structurally sound and what it was said to be.. hoping that next summer at least 1 of my cat's will like it and sit in the sun!

a great and aesthically pleasing litter box

I ordered this litter box for my cat , as his present box was much too large for the space . It arrived very quickly, but on opening it, found it to be too small for my large boy..if he got his front paws in, he could not get the hind ones in it went to our local Kitty shelter (the 2nd time I've donated a litter box to the Comfy Cat Shelter) but...for a smaller cat, it would have been perfect, so I am giving it a 5 star rating

Sneaky Cat

Lovely t shirt,in fact one of my favourites! Excellent customer service received when my order went missing. Thankyou so much.

It's fun to see my cats are interacting with the toy.

My cat loves the drinking fountain..

I like it and so does my she lives to play in the water, it is just a little difficult to clean. The LED light stopped working soon after I started using it.

Purr-fect toy for my cats.

Nice action out in a big area like my carport where the cats can run from it.

House bed

The house bed is just wonderful and my cat just loves it. She is in it all the time. I am so glad that I got it for her.

Happy Puss

Off and on my puss loves the unit. I would like her to use it more often and I reckon she will eventually. She is not wrapped in new things but took to this one fairly rapidly I am pleased to say.



Love this subscription box!

My cat is obsessed with the Meow! Box! It helps her stay active every month and she plays with all the toys for hours and never gets bored. I definitely recommend to anyone with a cat!

Cat Harness

Very happy with the cat harness. Strong and well made.

Reflective harness vest

Really great product! Bought the first one for a Big pug puppy who was very hyper! That handle on top saved me on more than one occasion! Ended up buying another one for our other pug. They do require a little work to get them adjusted just right, but they are hard for dogs to wiggle out of. (A problem with many harnesses) No playing hide-n-seek trying to find the harness they've managed to wiggle out of!


Needed a longer fish tank net so we didn't need to stick our arm inside to reach the bottom of the tank to grab a deceased fish!
This is perfect.
Unfortunately, it came broken in shipment. It arrived in only a plastic bag.
I reached out to the company & they immediately shipped out another one, which arrived yesterday, in one piece. 😊

Very nice!!

I like the way that they fit. The colours look nice on the tuxedo girl. Both of my girls are rescues.

Pet Tent

I recently ordered the pet tent, I am getting a new kitten and I have a 11 yr old Ragdoll cat. I decided to get the 36" tent to put my kitten in at night or when I am gone, just until my other cat adjusts to him. This tent is made well, and my other cat can see the kitten without having to put him in a room and them be isolated. I am sure this will work great, love it.

Service is unbeatable

I ordered an item for my LARGE cat, it was too small...rather than return it, I was told by your customer service person to donate it to an animal shelter and I would receive a credit slip. I received it within a day, and repurchased another item which my kitty uses regularly. With service like this company, and their dedication to rescue animals (my cat was tossed in a dumpster at birth !)...who can go wrong. I have recommended Pet Clever to all my friends who are looking for pet products .I thank you, and the Comfy Cat Shelter here thanks you.

Great product!

My cats wern drinking water from a bowl si dec to try one of these founta but i didnt rea want one with a big blue fliwer on it. Was thrilled to fibd this sleek more modern version. Mt cats use it all day. Thrilled with the fast shipping too!

Great stocking stuffer

Bought as a stocking stuffer for my wife for Christmas as we have 9 cats, very cute!!!!

Great toy by Dog loves this one her first one went missing so bought this sec

A cat lover's delight

This is a very cute watch. I have always been a cat lover and This watch is perfect for me to wear when I am volunteering at animal humane. The charm adds so much personality (even though it looks more like a fox in my opinion).