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Horse riding fit, a beginner’s guide for you and your horse

by Ibtissam Bouseta February 19, 2021

Horse riding fit, a beginner’s guide for you and your horse


Horse riders sure make it look fun and simple, however, horse riding can be quite an intimidating activity for some, especially for beginners. As someone who’s just putting their feet into the world of horse riding, you’re bound to have many questions on what you need to ride safely and enjoy bonding with your horse, our team in PetClever aspires to answer those questions and provide you with an initial guide to safety, after all, you will be working with a 1,000-pound animal so you need to make sure your riding journey starts on the right track.


A qualified instructor is a must:

If it’s your first time riding a horse, having a qualified instructor assist and supervise the event is crucial, they will be able to offer on-site and live guidance for any occurring incidents, they will also help you understand your horse’s body language and teach you to double check your safety gear is sealed properly.

Wear a helmet at all times:

Even in the loveliest weather and with the best trained horse, make sure to protect your head during the entire ride. You can still look nice for those horse riding pictures with a helmet on.

Proper footwear and gloves:

Proper shoes and gloves made specifically for horse riding are non-negotiable, they both contribute tremendously to keeping you well balanced and in control. The riding boots will offer a very much needed protection, as for gloves, they will ensure you have the proper grip on the saddle no matter the weather.

Proper clothing are not just for the looks:

Always opt for long, close-fitting pants that allow you to move freely as they cover your whole leg protecting you from saddle sores. Leggings can be a decent option as long as they’re thick enough to provide protection from chaffing. Dress according to the weather, but don’t go overboard in winter time as you’ll get warm pretty quickly. For the ladies, a sports bra is your go to.

It is recommended to purchase a riding vest, as they are made specifically to promote better bodily movement during horse riding, whilst making sure you don’t get too warm or too cold.

Make the ride extra comfy for your horse with a saddle pad: 

The correct saddle can make all the difference to both you and your horse when it comes to comfort and safety, using an ill-fitting saddle could give your horse sores as well as make your ride uncomfortable, so make it a habit to check your horse’s back for any signs of swelling or soreness after every ride, and consider buying them a saddle pad for extra protection, your horse needs to be just as comfortable, safe and well prepared as your are.


Our article surely doesn’t cover all you need to know about horse riding but we’re hoping this would suffice for the basics and spark your curiosity to do more research. Take your time learning everything there is to be learned and don’t be discouraged if you make mistakes. It takes time to get good with horses, and with enough practice, we have no doubt that the results will be extremely rewarding. 


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Ibtissam Bouseta
Ibtissam Bouseta

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