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Dog Training

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When you get a new little fluffball, training them is usually the last thing on your mind. After all, puppies are so cute and cuddly that it is easy for them to wrap to you around their little fingers. All it takes is one look, and your heart is bound to melt.

Having said that, though, training your new pup should start from the day that you get them home. The sooner that they know what you consider acceptable behavior to be, the sooner they’ll become well-behaved little pooches.

It’s also important to get started with teeth training for dogs and grooming as soon as possible. That way, they get used to having their teeth brushed every day and won’t dread taking a bath.

Obedience training does not require much specialized equipment but will require a good amount of patience on your part as well as positive reinforcement for your dog. Using a dog whistle for training purposes can be helpful.

However, if the shrill trilling of a whistle doesn’t appeal to you, there are a lot of other products for training your dog on the market. We’d advise that you decide on what training method you want to use before you buy any equipment for training.

Choose a method that makes sense for both you and your dog. Some dogs will respond to clickers, for example, while others will do just about anything to have a go at a dog food training toy. Find a method that can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle.