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Signs Of A Dog That Is In Pain

by Albert John April 23, 2018

Signs Of A Dog That Is In Pain

The well-being and safety of your dog is your number one priority as a pet owner. However, humans and dogs do not share the same language obviously – so it could be hard to see when your pooch is in pain.

Several signs of a dog in pain are simple to see like a visible wound or limping. However, some signs might be harder to recognize.

Here are 2 warning signs that a dog is in pain:

  • Grooming Constantly

It is normal for a dog to groom itself. However, it could be a sign of pain if it grooms itself excessively and compulsively. If your pooch begins to lick obsessively a certain part of its body, pay particular attention. Dogs would lick often the area where it hurts, even if it is located inside their body.

If you spot this sign, it is wise to take him to your vet.

  • Being more Vocal

Increased vocalization is one of the signs of a dog in pain. Your dog could be trying to tell you that it is in pain if it is making more noise than normal.

Pay closer attention for sudden increase in barking, growling, whining, or other types of vocalization. Examine your dog to see if you could recognize any parts of its body that might be in pain if your dog is being more vocal than usual.

Always make sure to check the body of your dog for painful parts as gently as you can to prevent causing more harm. Visit our pet shop online for more great tips on caring for your pets.

Albert John
Albert John

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