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Cat Tracking Collars & GPS Trackers for Dogs

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Being able to keep track of your pets is important, especially when we’re dealing with a cat or a dog who is a real escape artist. A basic cat tracking collar or GPS tracking collar for dogs can help give you peace of mind that if your pet goes missing, you can find them relatively easily.

There are some different options, but they will fall into one of two categories:

  • A GPS tracking system
  • A Radio tracker

GPS tracking for cats and dogs can help you pinpoint where your pet is, even if your friend is miles away. You will have to get a SIM card for the device and pay a monthly subscription fee. The advantage is that you can track your dog’s or cat’s movements throughout the day. This gives you peace of mind and keeps your pet safe with a pet gps collar.

A radio tracker does not require a SIM card, so there are no monthly subscriptions necessary. The disadvantage is that the range with these is limited.

Video trackers for pets allow you to get a glimpse of how your pet sees the world. They are more expensive but can provide an exciting insight into the daily life of your pet. Our collars are dog gps trackers and cat gps trackers.

Those trackers are cool, but all you really need is a waterproof GPS tracker for pets. We’d recommend sticking to a cat GPS tracker because they have a much wider range and allow you to record your pet’s movements.

You’ll know that you can find your pets wherever they might be, without having to worry about whether they’re still in range or not. 

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