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How Dogs Affect Our Well-being

by Sarene Maev Butao November 19, 2018

How Dogs Affect Our Well-being

It’s no secret to everyone that a dog is a man’s best friend. We always find ourselves surrendering to the pleasures of owning a dog since they’re very reliable and trustworthy. It’s the sense of companionship that we feel when we spend time with our dogs that helps us get through a tough day, especially when our dogs greet us by the door after a rough day. We find it stress-relieving and researches suggest that owning a dog helps us with our health and happiness. How do our dogs contribute to the health and happiness of someone? 

No to Depression

No other animal in recorded history has shown more loving and caring characteristics than dogs. No matter how rough the day or how amazing it is, they will always be there for us through our ups and downs. When we get to a point where we are at the lowest point of our lives, and everybody has left us, our dogs would still be there no matter what happened to you, giving you happiness and a feeling of belongingness.

It is because when we interact with dogs, the oxytocin hormone within us rise to unprecedented levels. Oxytocin increases our feeling of trust, love, and confidence in social interactions. This hormone could be considered as the “love hormone,” giving us a fair idea of how much our dogs give us. 

Positive Health

One of the notable changes in your life, when you own a dog, is that you have to walk them around multiple times a week. As compared to when we don’t have a pet, there’s really no reason for us even to go outside and walk around when we can just coop up in our cozy rooms.  They inspire us to go out and be physically active, going for exercises and jogs in the morning with your dog proves to be beneficial not just for your dog, but for you also!


Dogs offer us unconditional love and affection, something that other human beings don’t have. Our dogs will always be there to cheer us up when we’re having a rough day, lowers our feeling of loneliness and depression, and inspire us to be physically active. If you’re ever feeling lonely on a cold winter’s night, just reach out to your dog and hug them tightly. Give your dog the warmth when you're not there with a doggy blanket.

Sarene Maev Butao
Sarene Maev Butao

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