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10 Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dogs Indoors

by Sarene Maev Butao December 08, 2018

10 Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dogs Indoors

Aside from feeding and taking care of your dogs, part of your responsibility as a pet owner is exercising your dog. That is why we spend some time to walk our dogs outside or let them play with their fellow canines on the dog park. Exercise is really essential for dogs because this is their way of maintaining their physical wellness and as a way for them to release energy.

However, there are some times wherein we can’t walk our dogs outside and let them play, especially if the weather is not safe and suitable for the dog’s safety. But, do not be discouraged! Indoor exercising can be done and there are lots of ways to make it more fun for your dog! Moreover, you can do this also during times when you are bored of the same old route and park you and your dog always visit. Read on more below if you want to know more!

Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog At Home

Dogs always need to exercise and play to release their energy. But, this can be a problem if you can’t go outside due to unforeseen circumstances. Here are some fun ways you and your dog can train and exercise indoors.

  • Running Up And Down The Stairs

This is an easy way to exercise your dog. You can even do this even if your house does not have a big space to accommodate obstacle courses. All you need for this is well, a flight of stairs. Just let your dog run up and down your stairs and you are good to go! Keep in mind however that this is not a good exercise for some dogs, especially if your pooch has some health issues such as arthritis, joint problems, and etc.

  • Play Hide And Seek With Your Dog

Playing hide and seek with your dog is a fun way of exercising. You’re not only letting your dog exercising, but you are also having fun together with your dog and bonding. You can tell your dog to sit down while you go and hide and ask your dog to find you using your voice. This is even more fun with several people or several dogs. Another fun thing you could do is let your dog find some treats or snack you have hidden all around your room or house. Not only are you physically training your dog but you are also training their noses. Remember that your goal here is to have fun with your dog and not winning!

  • Set Up Obstacle Courses All Around Your Home

If you have a bit of money and time to spend, then you can custom build an obstacle course for your dog. There are ready made obstacle courses you can easily assemble by yourself or even ask a professional to help you in installing. If you only have time to spend, then consider making an obstacle course by yourself! You can improvise by using your chairs, tables, pillars, or anything you can use. This challenges your creativity as well by using unconventional items in making an obstacle course for your dog. You can also reward your dog with treats so that he or she will feel rewarded after finishing an obstacle course.

  • Tug Of War

Do you notice how dogs love to pull things they see using their mouths? Use this to your advantage and play a friendly game of tug of war with your dog. A spare cloth or an unused piece of clothing is all you need to do this. Just remember that dogs tend to be competitive and aggressive when it comes to this. Make sure to establish your position as the “alpha” and try to make it fun and not competitive.

  • Dog Treadmill

Do you own an exercising treadmill at your home? Your dogs can also use this to exercise and have fun! This is a fun and exciting way to exercise your dog. It is best that you own a treadmill made specifically for dogs but, a treadmill made for humans can also do the job well. However, this needs a bit of training and familiarization for the dog. First, let your dog walk on the treadmill without turning it on, and slowly turn the treadmill on with slow speed while gradually increasing over time. Once your dog gets the hang of it, then you can see and witness how your dog effectively uses the treadmill. Putting treats in front of the dog while on treadmill also motivates the dog to keep on walking. Make sure to not put them on the leash when doing this for it can get caught by the treadmill.           

  • Indoors Swimming

If you own a swimming pool at home or even an inflatable pool, then you and your dog can go swimming together! Just make sure that your dog is able to fit inside the inflatable pool and is comfortable in using it. However, do not force or surprise your dog in doing this for this can cause a fear of water and will work at your disadvantage.

  • Online Classes For Your Dog

Another fun thing you could do is to take or enroll in online classes for your dog. Although this is not ‘exercising’, still, you are training your dog in some basic behavior tips, tricks, and other things your dog need to properly learn. You can choose anything that can keep your dog’s mind busy – whether its obedience or new tricks, is an effective way to train his or her mind and soul. Online classes are available for free while some are for subscription. You have the freedom to choose as their pet owner, so choose wisely!

We hope that you are able to learn a lot from the fun ways you can exercise your dog indoors. Remember that your creativity is the limit and anything safe and fun can be an exercise for your dog if you want to!

Got some fun ways to exercise your dog indoors? Share it with us in the comments section below!

Sarene Maev Butao
Sarene Maev Butao

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