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Yummy And Safe Thanksgiving Feast For Your Pets

by Albert John November 19, 2017

Yummy And Safe Thanksgiving Feast For Your Pets

A lot of guests and parents want to share the feast of Thanksgiving with the dog. Well, that can be problematic since there are times when the stuff on the table has ingredients that may be harmful to them. The greatest way to guarantee that your pup will be kept safe as he enjoys the festivities of Thanksgiving is to create their personal feast. Here are the things you can add to your dog’s plate:


1.) Sweet potatoes.

This food is rich in fiber and beta-carotene. You can mash up a few boiled sweet potatoes before you add some spices or butter.


2.) Gravy.

You can create dog-friendly gravy through the use of a canned dog food. You can also opt for buying do’s gravy that’s pre-made.


3.) Carrots.

Carrots are high in vitamin A and fiber and it has low calories. However, they are high in sugar. Thus, if your dog is diabetic, you might have to skip this one. You can boil or steam the carrots.


4.) Green beans.

These are low calorie and filling. Ensure that you use a frozen-green or fresh beans without seasoning.


5.) Apple slices.

Apples will serve as the sweet treat for your dog. If you make some apple pie, you can save some slices and mash or chop them for your furry friend. Just ensure to remove the skin and seeds.


The moment you’ve already gathered the Thanksgiving foods that you’re supposed to share with your dog, you can arrange them on some plates so that it will look like the what your family dishes up their meals.

Albert John
Albert John

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