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Workout For Cats

by Albert John January 11, 2018

Workout For Cats

Getting in shape or losing weight is one of the major goals for us humans. We do our research and study all the proper exercise to help us stay fit and shed some pounds. However, what about our pet? Yes, we are not the only living things that can use some exercise. Our cats also need some and also proper diet to maintain overall wellness and a healthy weight.

  • Inspire your cat to exercise with another cat.

If your cat has a feline friend, then it will have more chance of playing. A house with 2 or more felines sees more play fighting and chasing. Of course, this could burn some calories. In addition to that, cats seem to get bored whenever they are lonely. Oftentimes, an old cat could greatly benefit from the infinite energy of a kitten.

If you have a cat, then you should think about having a cat tower to your house. Several cat towers are equipped with platforms of different tunnels, dangly toys, scratching posts, and heights. It is an overall kitty cat playground that inspire healthy climbing, stretching, and jumping.

One doesn’t fit all when it comes to cat toys. Several acts enjoy toy mice or springs, some enjoy toys with bells. Purchasing cat toys does not have to cost you a lot. You know that oftentimes, cat prefers toys that are homemade. Usually, with most cats, balled-up paper is a hit.

Albert John
Albert John

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