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Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Cats Milk

by Albert John August 28, 2017

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Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Cats Milk

Why do we love to give our cats milk? Is it because we think it is healthy for them since milk is good for us? You might think that milk is cute for your cats. Well, we all have been wrong about this practice. While we feed out pet cats with milk, we are already promoting dietary conditions for them which we are not aware of. Why do this happen?

Milk has belonged to a notion where it is deemed healthy for almost everyone because of nutrients that we humans get from it. However, we haven’t thought of the idea that this might cause a problem to cats given the fact that we have different needs when it comes to body nutrients. It is important that we take note of the vital needs of our pet cats and be aware of what are those that are beneficial for them and those that are not. There are reasons that will be of great help to guide you what to do on future situations.

Cats are like humans that also experienced milk at birth. They also drank milk to survive their baby stage. However, when cats are still babies, they are able to produce lactase which helps them to digest their intake of milk from their mother just like what we humans do when we were still babies. It is only produced at birth stage. This is basically the reason why cats, at birth, are also striving for milk from their mother cats. Their bodies are still able to produce lactase which is of great help in digesting the milk they get.

As cats grow older, just like humans, they produce less and less lactase causing them to have difficulties in producing lactase to help them with the milk they drink. This will be a problem as the lactose will be forced to go through the intestinal tract and accumulates water in it.

We might think cats are like us, but we are definitely wrong. If you come to think of it, we have different tolerance level of food intake. We cannot compare cats to us. Find what is better for your cats and make their food beneficial for them.

Albert John
Albert John

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September 01, 2017

if a kitten didn’t have the mother anymore let’s say it got separated by death or something else while the kitten needs the mother’s milk what to feed the kitten if milk is not good for them?

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