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Why Would You Sleep With Dogs?

by Albert John November 07, 2017

Why Would You Sleep With Dogs?

Dogs portray various attitudes and behavior the moment you let them sleep with you in your bed. Some dogs are ‘fair partner’ sleepers who just sleep accordingly just like a human being. Others are ‘trouble sleepers’, some are the ‘jealous sleepers’ and the list goes on. However, despite these differences on behaviors and struggle as a shared member of the bed, why would you still sleep with your dogs?


First of all, it is the best thing ever! Most especially during moments when you are sad or you just want to have an extra support with you, cuddling with your furry best friend can be a great therapy for it. Moreover, having a cute, little puppy setting himself as close to you as possible is surely comforting. Sleeping with pups equates to being surrounded by pure and real love while you take a nap.

Here are some tips for sleeping with your dog successfully:

  • Groom your dog on a daily basis.
  • Ramps, stairs or cautiously placed stool aid older and smaller dogs get up and down without hurting themselves.
  • Provide your dog his own pillows and blankets so that you can place it to his most-liked spot in any place and so that he won’t try to steal yours.
  • Invest in an encased washable mattress cover.
  • In case you want a huge dog sleep with you on the bed, you just have to cover him with love.
  • You can throw a leg and arm over your dog for him to feel appreciated.
Albert John
Albert John

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