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Why Pet's Cant Have Onions

by Sarene Maev Butao September 25, 2019

Why Pet's Cant Have Onions


There are plenty of foods that aren’t allowed for pets; chocolates for example. And one of these foods are onions. But hey, onions taste great, especially when they are fried and turned into onion rings. For humans, yes, they do. But for cats and dogs, they don’t, and it’s best that you keep onions away from them as possible to avoid trouble later on.

Why Onions Are Dangerous for Pets

The main reason why pets can’t eat onions is because of a substance called thiosulfate that’s present in onions. Both cats and dogs, doesn’t have an enzyme that can digest the substance. Thus, making it dangerous for their health. However, if your pets have already consumed onions accidentally because you haven’t stumbled upon this article yet, then it’s completely fine. 

Onions doesn’t pose any harm if consumed at a minimal level. The real threat begins when you let your pets eat onions out of control, especially if you’re giving them as a snack in a daily or weekly basis. If you do, then it’s time to stop. Frequent onion feeding on your pet is a recipe for disaster and should be halted immediately. Don’t believe me? Onions contain a compound called toxicosi which are poisonous for pets and can be easily be absorbed by their digestive tract. 

Asking for Help

If you have treated your pets with onions and noticed that there is a sudden change in their behavior, then a trip to the vet’s office is your last resort. This may be the result of anemia, which results to the following symptoms:

  • Weakness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Reddish urine
  • Pale gums
  • Sudden fainting
  • Lethargy

Your vet will diagnose your pet’s condition depending on the symptoms they are experiencing. At most cases, the results may turn out as a hemolytic anemia, which is the formation of Heinz bodies on a blood smear which can be deadly if not prevented. This happens when you frequently feed your pets with onions.

Healthy Alternatives

Aside from onions, why not let your pets eat healthy foods instead? There are plenty of other vegetables (or fruits) for you to choose from that your pets will surely love. If your pet is a picky eater, then have a trip to the market and buy some cat or dog food so that they’ll get their much-needed nutrients. 

Final Note

We need to take care of our pets as much as we love them. Tasty treats can look and feel tasty for us, but are actually the complete opposite for our beloved canine/feline. You don’t want to risk their lives just because of a certain type of food. If your pets like the smell of onion, then keep it away from them immediately. Put onions inside the fridge or inside a container where it’s completely out of reach. Pets are smart when it comes to foods, and will most likely find a way to satisfy their cravings. Just remember, protect them at all cost and your wallet will thank you later.

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Sarene Maev Butao
Sarene Maev Butao

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