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Why Is Your Cat Licking You?

by Albert John December 18, 2017

Why Is Your Cat Licking You?

It is natural for felines to groom one another before relaxing down for the day. However, why is your feline licking you? Do you really need a bath? Do they love you? Well, the answer to both questions is yes.

Mutual Grooming and Cat Licking

A cat lick is kind of a high honor. So, if ever you find that your feline chooses to lick or/and groom you, then you just receive a high honor. Cats groom one another to express friendship and acceptance and endorse social bonding in nature. Cats would frequently bathe one another in locations they cannot reach themselves during allogrooming or mutual grooming. They usually groom the top of the head or down their back.

It is exciting to see that the more senior feline in the rank would first groom the cats in lower rank. This is really great. It is the other way around.

Cat Kiss

There are times that a cat kiss simply means a kiss. So, the next time a feline decides to lick you, just let them do it. You would be strengthening even more the deep bond between your cat and you.

Troubled Cats

Oftentimes, felines utilize grooming as way to calm themselves and ease anxiety in situations that are situations. Psychogenic alopecia, also known as Excessive grooming, could bring cats to over lick themselves causing them to have hot patches on their fur and go bald. The reason for this is that every time your cat licks, endorphins are released.

Albert John
Albert John

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