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Why Is Play Important For Your Cat

by Albert John September 06, 2017

Why Is Play Important For Your Cat

Cats aren’t human. That is already a given. They can’t handle several human medications and they can’t take some of the foods that we do. However, it looks that the brains of the felines are sufficient, such as ours, which they can benefit from play similar to us as well.


Laboratory studies on rats have verified that social play activates the reward center receptors of the brain that makes one feel satisfied and happy. Also, those similar receptors are activated by specific drugs and some experiences that are pleasurable.


Opportunities for active play give both a mental and physical outlet for felines. They can be trained on the physical skills they will need for them to survive in the wild, like catching and chasing preys. Practicing such skills will help your cat to feel secure in her ability to survive. In addition, she’s doing what is natural to her. These kinds of games will keep her moving, which in turn lessens the risk of debilitating diseases, such as diabetes.

 Any other game that can allow your cat to engage in her naturally motivated activities is always beneficial for your cat. It is much better if you could look for a toy or a game that utilizes some of the senses of your cat. Also, those toys that will challenge her to think are great for your cat’s brain chemistry. The moment you can participate and roll or drag the toy, then the game is great for the both of you.

Albert John
Albert John

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