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Why Do People Love Pugs?

by Albert John August 24, 2017

Why Do People Love Pugs?

Do you ever wonder why are pugs so popular? Is it because of their distinct looks or irresistible charm? What is so likeable about this dog? If you want to know, keep reading and find out yourself.

  • Pugs are different from others.

Pugs have various qualities of a huge dog within a tiny dog body. They sure are small enough for any size of a house and big enough to be not so annoying.

  • Pugs are affectionate.

A pug can be your man if you wish to have a companion. They will be glad to follow you around and to give you a helping paw. Also, they are great warmers for bed. You can cuddle with your pug on cold winter nights.

  • Pugs are funny and fun.

They will sure to provide entertainment if they will be given audiences. They can be playful yet not too demanding. They are naturally born to show-off. There is nothing that can make a pug glad compared to being the life of the party.

  • Pugs are friendly.

Pugs technically love everyone around him. They love the mailman, the neighbors, the kids, the family and everyone who will pet him. There is no chance they met a stranger. Pugs are great when it comes to animal dogs and people dogs, as well.

  • Pugs are sensitive.

Keep in mind that pugs don’t like tone that’s harsh. It could hurt their feelings. In return, they are also keeping track of your feelings. They can tell if you are happy or stressed or feeling any emotion. When they feel that you are stressed, they could give you comfort.

  • Pugs are loyal.

They don’t know what dishonor means, unlike most of the people. They will surely be a friend to you until the end.

  • Pugs are fond of kids.

If you want a playmate for your kids, pug is the best choice for you since they are “pug”sitively awesome!

Albert John
Albert John

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