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Why Do Dogs Walk In Circles And Scratch Their Bed Before Lying Down?

by Albert John January 30, 2018

Why Do Dogs Walk In Circles And Scratch Their Bed Before Lying Down?

Dogs, in the wild, had to be sure their sleeping place was safe from predators and pests. Walking in circles makes adequate disorder to frighten rats or snakes from their selected sleeping place. Though we know our houses are not probably to play host to these types of pests, it does not cost your dog anything to double-check your place.

Why do Dogs Scratch their Beds?

We cannot sense or see it. However, whenever your dog scratch and circle at their beds, they’re actually risking a personal claim to that unique area. The scent glands are one of the surprising features of the paw pads of a dog. Their feet serve 2 purposes, whenever a dog gets ready for bed.

Circling and scratching at their beds before going to sleep both help dogs dash away any pests that are unwanted and mark a place with their special scent. The special scent sends a message whenever another dog attempts to utilize that place – “This bed is occupied already by a hardworking dog”.

Why Dogs Dig in their Beds?

Instead of that of our dog, house thermostats are set for a human’s comfort. Your dog relies on similar tactics as he does outdoor if the air or heating conditioning bothers it. Dogs utilize ground temperature to their benefit by digging a bed exposed to direct sunlight in winter or in a shady spot during summer. There is nothing to worry about.

Albert John
Albert John

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