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Why Do Dogs Sniff Butts And Crotches?

by Albert John October 18, 2017

Why Do Dogs Sniff Butts And Crotches?

Dogs could have some quite eccentric behaviors. However, one really takes curiosity. Why does a dog feel obliged to smell human crotches and butts? It is very embarrassing. It probably has happened to you. Perhaps it was your dog sniffing your visitor’s rear. Maybe you are out and see a friend with his or her dog when it came to you and sniffed your crotch. You attempt to hide the embarrassment you felt. But it is very annoying, seriously.

Dogs do not know that this behavior is not welcome to us. The truth is that, dogs usually smell the butt of another dog upon meeting. This is some kind of handshake for them. Butt sniffing is a very basic, instinctive, and natural form of dog communication that helps impart info. Just like an update to their status. The quick smell is how dogs say hi when they meet each other.

Dogs have a really keen smell sense. Several experts estimate it is around 40 times up to 100 times more sensitive than our smell. Humans have around 5 million odor receptors in our nose. However, a dog has around 220 million.

Another huge part of dog communication is the occurrence of apocrine scent glands on every side of the rectum of the dog. These anal glands create secretions that tell the dog’s sex, what it is eating, and even several clues about the emotional state of the dog. Though it is hard for us to fully comprehend this sort of communication, the smell is also supposed to communicate the dogs if the meeting is likely to be not friendly or friendly.

Albert John
Albert John

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