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Why Do Cats Suck Clothing?

by Albert John January 22, 2018

Why Do Cats Suck Clothing?

If you are a cat owner, then you probably have seen your cat sucking almost everything he/she sees. There is somewhat absurdly cute about watching kittens suck and knead on blankets while purring. However, some individuals don’t find this “action” cute, especially if they have suffered from sweaters or beddings that are soaked on kitty spit.

However, you are probably wondering why do these kitties such blankets or other clothing? Well, don’t worry, because we have the answer right here.

  • Separated Early from their Moms

In some Freudian approach, this theory makes a lot of sense. Well, there’s not much of explanation right here. However, if you are planning to adopt a cat, it is better if the cat is at least 8 weeks old or more. Adopting a cat that’s separated early from his or her mother will most likely suck things.

  • Particular Cat Breeds

Oriental and Siamese breed cats have higher chances of nursing clothing than other breeds of cats. Though there does not appear to by any gene-related cause for this, it is a popular fact that Oriental breed kittens need a longer weaning time than other types of cat.

  • Relaxation

This is similar to babies sucking their thumb. Nursing wool is an action that offers sense of safety and comfort. A kitten that’s sensitive might grow up into a cat that sucks clothing since that action reminds her of being protected and surrounded by her siblings and her mother. 

Albert John
Albert John

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