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Why Do Cats Still Need Toys?

by Albert John March 20, 2017

Why Do Cats Still Need Toys?

Having trouble with cats playing with all your small things?
Perhaps you haven’t even wondered why cats are so fond of
playing with anything. Yes! Even big cats still play with things that are as small as pens, rubber bands, and bobby pins! These items might seem familiar
to you because you have pet cats and you have also been a
victim of their playfulness, too.
Even by the end of the day, cats love to play with things especially
small ones. You definitely cannot tell them to stop playing just
because you saw them playing since they were still kittens. If you
are a busy person, this concern may not pop out of your head especially
when you do not always see their daily activities. As a cat owner and
a cat lover, you should have a better understanding about what
keeps your pet cats busy.
Cats have a natural need to hunt or stalk.
Usually, small objects that are easy to move are the ones they really
like because it gives them the opportunity to somehow attack and
push their prey. They have this natural need to polish their hunting
skills that is why they have to release energy. They only have the
chance to do this when they are battling and pushing around these
small objects which they think are their “prey”.
Playing is a healthy exercise.
Cats also need to have a healthy exercise, too. You won’t be expecting to
see them do stretching though but it is a good chance to do a
healthy exercise by playing. Cat toys will provide them a healthy
exercise on a daily basis. Since there are different kinds of cat toys
nowadays, your lovely cats will never have time playing with
your car keys!
It is good time to have fun.
You may not see cats with their smile when they are playing but their
paws can assure you they are enjoying. It is also a good thing to give
your pet cats a chance to enjoy their lives and not just making you
happy by being a cat. Playing usually gives this positive energy to
everyone, thus enjoying the day with a healthier lifestyle.
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Albert John
Albert John

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