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Why Do Cats Sleep A lot?

by Albert John March 16, 2018

Why Do Cats Sleep A lot?

Why does your cat sleep a lot? Well, our cat friends are real experts at falling asleep any place, any time, under any situation. If you tried to search “cats” on the internet, you will be revealed with tons of images of sleeping felines in crazy or cute positions. However, why do they sleep a lot? Here is some important information:

  • All that Snoozing is in the Genes of your Cat

Let us 1st look at how long a cat sleeps whenever you are answering the question, “why do my cat sleep a lot?”. Felines could sleep around 16 hours per day, and senior cats even spend more time resting – as much as 21 hours per day. This sleeping habit is the result of the evolution of the cat, physiology, and nutritional habits. Felines, in the wild, have to hunt in order to survive, and the killing, chasing, and stalking of the prey will burn so much of their energy. Snoozing helps your cat conserve energy between meals.

  • A Cat is not Always Sound Asleep

Around 3 quarters of the time is what we may call snoozing in the time cats spend sleeping. A cat could get all the rest it requires in that state. However, they are still alert to wake up at any moment. You could tell when your cat is sleeping lightly because its ears would rotate and twitch towards sounds and the eyes would be a tiny bit open.

Albert John
Albert John

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