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Why Do Cats Rub Their Head Against Their Owner?

by Albert John January 29, 2018

Why Do Cats Rub Their Head Against Their Owner?

If you are a stay-at-home person with a cat, then you have probably spent a lot of time with it. You might have notice some instances where your cat will rub its head against you. It seems kind of weird gesture. Why do they do it? Why does a cat rub its head?

Well, according to experts, this is a form of compliment. This is because your cat is communicating with you. This also means that your cat thinks of you as its kin.

Scent Mingling

A cat has a scent gland that releases pheromones in some areas of its bodies. This includes anal areas, paw pads, foreheads, tails, and cheeks. The cat deposit this scent and it would stick to you whenever they rub someone or something.

Rubbing of cats could also be a matter of territorial claim. However, it goes more than that. Marking of territory is more aimed towards spaces and objects.

Member of the Tribe

The cats mark everyone as members of the tribe by bunting and rubbing their head against each other in colonies of feral cats. This is a type of acceptance and communication. Cats are also mixing our scents with theirs and claiming acceptance when cat transfer this action to us. A cat would likely not rub against you if it does not like you.

Whenever a cat rubs you, they are somehow saying that both of you are a member of the same group.

Albert John
Albert John

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