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Why Do Cats Love Boxes?

by Albert John October 17, 2017

Why Do Cats Love Boxes?

For a cat, all the toys around the world cannot compare to a simple box. However, why do these animals so attracted to boxes and other objects that are enclosed like backpacks, suitcases, laundry baskets, and bags?

Well, looking for restricted places in an instinctive behavior for a cat. In their natural habitat, these places enable the cats to both secretly stalk prey and hide from predators.

Understanding the mind of our feline friends is very hard. After all, a cat appears to be not the simplest test subject. However, there is a lot of behavioral research on a cat who is used for other kinds of research. These researches, a lot of which concentrated on enrichment for the environment, have been done for around 50 years and one thing has been made copiously obvious – your pet cat derives security and comfort from enclosed areas.

This is probably true for a lot of reasons. However, for cats in these frequently stressful circumstances, a box could have a deep impact on both their physiology and behavior.

Smart cat observers would note that in addition to boxes, a lot of cats appear to choose other odd areas to relax. Some curl up in the empty egg cartons, coffee mugs, shopping bags, bowls, and even shoes.

This brings us to another reason – your cat may like small boxes because it is really cold outside.

So, there you have it. Boxes are stress-relieving and insulating comfort zones. It is a place where a cat could sleep, relax, hide, and frequently launch a sneaky attack against the unpredictable and large apes they live with.

Albert John
Albert John

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