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Why Do Cats Lick their Owners?

by Albert John January 16, 2018

Why Do Cats Lick their Owners?

Have you ever questioned yourself why do cats often lick their owners? Well, you aren’t alone. If you have a cat that licks you, it could be a sign of stress, a compliment, or much more. So if you are wondering why your cat licks you, read this article.


  • Cat Lick as Social Bonding

Usually, kittens groom one another. Also, older cats that are not related would sometimes groom each other as long as they get along. Typically, they would lick the area that is difficult for the cat to reach by its own, like inside the ears and the top of the head. Also, the bond between two cats would be increased via exchanging scents.

  • Cat Lick as Huge Compliment

If your cat bathes you with his or her tongue, then it is a sign that he or she is very safe beside you. You’re considered as her family. Thus, she strengthens that by grooming you like her mother groomed her when she was just a little cat.

  • Cat Tongues are Covered with Barbs

Because it is covered with papillae, the tongue of your cat will feel like sandpaper. Papillae are hooks that are facing backward that are made of keratin. It is the same material that makes the claws of your cat. This would help the kitten to rasp off meat bones. The papillae also help in the grooming by acting like a comb to remove all the dirt and loose fur.

Albert John
Albert John

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