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Why Do Cats Fight?

by Albert John October 16, 2017

Why Do Cats Fight?

Have you recently presented a new cat into the house? Do you have a kitten that is getting sexual maturity?   Have you transferred, leaving your cat to form new territories? The root cause would show who you resolve the conflicts of your cat. The most popular causes for cat-fights are listed below:


A male cat is frequently involved in inter-cat violence that most frequently happens when the cat reaches social maturity between 2 and 4 years of age. Though this type of violence is typically seen in males competing for mates, it could happen between cats of any gender when territorial clashes happen.

The “New Cat Smell”

The cat would have a new cat smell that shouts “alien invader” to your current cats if you bring a new cat into the house. Several cats are more concerned by this than others. Mixing their smells could accelerate a resolution of the conflict.


A new cat would nearly always get more responsiveness from you than your current cat does. Set aside additional one-on-one time with your other cats to ease their worries that the new cat is stealing all your affection. Jealousy is more probably to be a problem with breeds like Siamese, which closely bonds with their owners, and they would require a lot of reassurance that their place in your heart is safe.


By nature, cats are territorial, even if it expands no beyond than the end of your seat. The new cat would need to have a territory when you present a new cat into your home. Your current cats would need to protect theirs.

Albert John
Albert John

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