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Why Do Cats Experience Hiccups?

by Albert John September 29, 2017

Why Do Cats Experience Hiccups?

Have you ever noticed that your cat is hiccupping? Yes, you read that right: not chirping or sneezing it any other range of noises the felines make, though really hiccupping? Let us find out why do cats hiccups and when to worry about this.


  • The Science behind Cat Hiccups.

From a point of view of a veterinarian, a cat happens to hiccup the moment her diaphragm chooses to contract simultaneously as the part of her larynx where the vocal chords houses and closes. There are times this happens because of their nerve irritation issues, and sometimes, it is a consequence of ingesting air and swallowing down too fast on food at the same time. In humans, this phenomenon is also known as acid reflux.


  • What Can You Do About Cat Hiccups?

Initially, do not stress your cat out if ever she is currently hiccupping. You have to keep things calm and provide her some space. Then, make a brief survey of your cat food. Does she tend to swallow it down too fast? If yes, then you should try serving her small portions of cat food all throughout the day. In addition, you have to make sure that she always can access water—and check is she is really drinking it. If you are living together with one of those cats who refuse to drink a settled water of her bowl, find ways to pick up a cheap water fountain since there are times when our cat prefer cascading water.

Albert John
Albert John

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