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Why Do Cat Scoot?

by Albert John January 09, 2018

Why Do Cat Scoot?

First of all, what is cat scooting? Well, scooting is the term for a cat or dog dragging its butt along the floor. Usually, you could frequently see that on dogs. However, cats do it sometimes too. The reason why cat scoots is that their butt is irritated or itchy. To help your cat avoid scooting, you could do a little investigation.


  • Worms

Intestinal parasites are one of the most popular reasons why cat scoots. Usually, tapeworm is the most common parasite. There are also other parasites that cause scooting and itching. You may see evidence in the poop of your cat with tapeworms. These parasites usually look like scraps of white rice. However, several parasites cannot be seen directly with our eye. Constipation and diarrhea, potbelly, and weight loss are the other signs of infestation of parasites.

  • Allergies

The itchiness can spread to all the parts of the cat’s body; this includes its butt, if your cat has allergies that could cause itching. Though it is possible for the allergies of the cat to be caused by the intolerance to particular food proteins, allergies from the environment are more often seen in felines. Fleas, mites, mold, pollen, and dust are the reason for environmental allergies for cats.

  • Anal Gland Issues

It seems that dogs have more anal gland issues than cats. Because of this, some cats may experience anal gland issues of it is scooting. The glands create a liquid that is pungent that is likely a mechanism for territory marking.

Albert John
Albert John

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