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Why Are Cats Afraid Of Water?

by Albert John June 27, 2017

Why Are Cats Afraid Of Water?

It is a fact that cats frequently bathe themselves. Oftentimes, we thought that they would also enjoy bathing in water. However, we thought wrong. Have you ever wondered what is the reason behind why cats hate water so much? Let’s find out!

                Cats are animals that are composed that rarely gives outbursts emotionally. However, the moment you get your cat wet, expect that you will witness a complete absence of any signs of composure. Your subtle cat could instantly turn into a windmill of teeth, claws, and flying fur. In short, a total disaster.

                Based on studies, there is more to the phobia than just their matte fur. It is hypothesized that cats have an ancestral fear of getting wet since their ancestors inhabited in places with few large bodies of water. They never had the chance to learn how to swim, which is a great disadvantage for them.

                They hate the feeling of having a physical sensation of being soaked into the water. According to researchers, an oily coat, which cats have, does not shed water easily that makes it hard for them to go back to a warm and dry state immediately. Also, cats are used to being quick, whereas in water their motions become limited and slow.


Albert John
Albert John

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