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When Should You Call A Veterinarian Once Your Cat Vomits?

by Albert John September 10, 2017

When Should You Call A Veterinarian Once Your Cat Vomits?

Vomiting is the forceful discharge of the contents of a stomach through the mouth. It involves the forceful contraction of the muscles of your stomach, while regurgitation doesn’t. Both regurgitation and vomiting can take place after drinking or eating for up to approximately many hours later.


How vomiting and regurgitation are different to each other?

The food that is removed in regurgitation comes from the esophagus or mouth. On the other hand, the food expelled in vomiting comes from the stomach.


When must you call a veterinarian if your cat is vomiting?

The moment your cat is alert and bright, and only vomits once, calling your veterinarian is probably not necessary. For example, a lot of cats vomit after they consume a grass. However, if your cat vomits more than once or if they look sick, then that’s the time you should call your veterinarian immediately. Your vet will ask you several questions to know how bad the vomiting is. It’ll be beneficial for your vet to determine when did the vomit begun, how frequent your cat has vomited, what does the vomit appears, and if your cat is not comfortable. It’s essential that you call your vet instantly if:

  • Your cat really wants to vomit, however, nothing is expelled.
  • There’s blood in the vomit.
  • Your cat seems to have a swollen abdomen or bloated.
  • Your cat is depressed or has a fever
  • The gums of your cat are yellow or pale.
  • Your cat has not received all his or her vaccinations.
Albert John
Albert John

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