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What Halloween Decors Are Unsafe To Cats?

by Albert John October 30, 2017

What Halloween Decors Are Unsafe To Cats?

Be conscious of the spook meter of your cat as you convert your house into a spooky extravaganza – even the bravest and most sociable feline may be scared by animated and noisy décor.

Dried cornstalks appear celebratory. However, it might be dangerous. The silky fibers and corn husks are choking hazards and if a cat swallows them, it is not digestible easily and might cause stomach upset. Other threats are balloons that are Halloween-themed - ribbons could get twisted up in the intestines of your cat or cause obstructions in their digestive tracts.

Hanging electrical cords can be a double whammy. A cat who chews on electrical cords could hurt gum, tongue, and mouth burns or electrocution. Also, playful and curious cats could get twisted up in the cords. In an effort to free it, a cat can drag down accidentally decors or knock over delicate items. This results in bruises or cuts.

Dancing fires could tempt easily a snooping cat. This could cause fires or burns. Please, do not leave your cats alone with any candles that are unattended.

At this time of the year, smirking Jack-o-lanterns are iconic. However, they are a Halloween danger for your cat. Dangerous bacteria multiply and grow as the pumpkin rots.

Cute Halloween costumes for your cats are great. However, do not leave them unattended while wearing it. It could harm herself while trying to remove the costume. Also, do not force your cat into a costume that she doesn’t like.

Albert John
Albert John

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