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What Does Catnip Do To Cats?

by Albert John March 14, 2018

What Does Catnip Do To Cats?

Catnip is like a drug for your cat. Well, you might hear that joke a lot if you are a cat owner. However, it turns out there is really few psychotropic science when your cat gets into catnip. However, what does it do to felines? Here is the breakdown of what’s going to happen:

Getting High

What can a catnip do to your cat? As science buff stated, felines react to it after an unstable oil (nepetalactone) in it interacts with the cat’s nasal tissue. Yes, they are quite much sniffing up the catnip. The catnip begins to copy pheromones that turns on cat receptors and make all types of neuron turn off in the brain of the cat once that catnip has been engaged.

Eating Catnip

There is a good chance your cat will slip into a sedated bliss state if it chooses to put its face in the catnip and eat some of it. Yes, during this point, your cat is zoned out and certainly hallucinating what they can think of.

Smelling Catnip

On the other side of the fence, that is when your act will really go all sorts of crazy if it is the classy type who only smells catnip. You might have seen some moves before – it is when your cat frenetically rolls around her back as if it is no longer in control of its physical body. Also, nearby collateral damage – such as hits cat house – may also occur.


Albert John
Albert John

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