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Weird Cat Facts You Should Know

by Albert John August 01, 2019

Weird Cat Facts You Should Know

You think you already know cats because you have cat pets around the house. Guess what, there’s more to their “snob” attitude that meets the eyes. Here are some weird yet interesting cat facts you should know. Maybe these facts will help you know your cat even more.

  1. Salty Cat

Human beings shouldn’t drink the ocean water because it dehydrates them especially when we’re lost at sea. But do you know that cats drink sea water to survive? The kidneys they have can filter much salt from the sea water and it makes them re-hydrate themselves.

  1. Hunter

If the cats spend a lot of their time outside, they become good hunters. Well, that is innate to them especially in their skills in hunting rats but they become better hunters when they roam outside too often. They even contributed to some of the species’ extinction!

  1. Smelly Paws

Unlike us, cats don’t have sweat glands. Do you know what they do? They cool off their sweat through their paws! Their paws also have a scent that marks their territory. So when they’re walking, they’re actually marking those spots.

  1. Sleeping Beauty

We all agree to this! If you keep on catching your cats sleeping all day, in any position, then your pet is not different from the others who spend 70% of their lives sleeping. And remember that they have 9 lives! It’s because they need those energy they earn through sleeping when they go hunting some little mouse.

Albert John
Albert John

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