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Ways To Keep Your Cats Active On Holidays

by Albert John December 14, 2017

Ways To Keep Your Cats Active On Holidays

The holidays are already here. While we begin planning the festivities, let us now forget about our cats. As much as we want to treat ourselves this season, we also want to treat our cats. However, we have to be reminded of what is best for their overall health. Here are some ways to keep your cat active on Holidays:


  • Provide your cats interactive gifts.

The question here is, what do cats love as a gift? Cats are not only choosy when it comes to their food, they’re also more finicky when it comes to looking for toys they like. Cats are born naturally as hunters and they love to chase moving objects. Hence, looking for something that they can chase would be a treat for them. Moreover, they love playing with toys that are mouse-shaped that has treats inside.


  • Encourage playtime.

Make their playtime or exercise time fun by giving them with a selected indoor playing area that has items which can help them keep moving around such as steps to climb or a tall scratch post. Encouraging their playtime will not only keep them occupied as you are also preoccupied with the craziness of holiday, it also keep your cats moving. Meaning, you cats will get in shape all throughout the year.


  • Keep an eye for holiday dangers.

When it comes to holiday items that are not safe for your furry friend, you have to take some precautions. Cats love ribbons, strings, cords and tinsel from holiday decorations. When hey ingest any of these items, it could lead to severe intestinal damage.

Albert John
Albert John

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