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Ways To Help Your Dog Overcome Her Fear Of Car Rides

by Albert John February 21, 2018

Ways To Help Your Dog Overcome Her Fear Of Car Rides

For most of the dogs, motion sickness or car sickness is severely an overreaction to the apprehension and fear of the car’s motion, noise, etc. Here are some ways to help your dog overcome his/her fear of car rides.

1.) Make your dog get use to the car environment.

With your dog, get together in the car and take him/her to some treat. Be happy. Talk with them and ensure to make it a fun time. You don’t have to run the car. You just have to share a treat with them and create a positive experience.


2.) Make your dog get used to the car while it’s running.

 You must take to the next level of step no. 1. At this time, start the car. Provide some treat before and after the ride. The moment he/she acts or looks nervous, reassure him/her that everything is fine. Before ending the session, you must take your time and ensure that he/she is already relaxed.


3.) Make your dog get used to the moving car’s motion.

The moment he/she is already used to the running car without having a fearful reaction, you can start backing the car to the end of the driveway and then come forward once again to the garage. Praise him/her and then give it a treat. Repetition is the answer.


4.) After those steps, this is the best time to make a short trip around the place.

Praise and treats before and after. And reassuring, calm talk throughout the ride are a prerequisite. Steadily increase the traveled distance until such time that your dog is already calm regardless of how long one is in the car.

Albert John
Albert John

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