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Ways To Groom Your Cat

by Albert John August 30, 2017

Ways To Groom Your Cat

Naturally, cats spend their day self-grooming most of the time. Even though several cat owners believe that cats don’t need regular grooming, it is proven that grooming your cat at home will help its coat and skin maintenance, aid in decreasing hairballs, and it provides the best opportunity to examine better their condition physically. Grooming your cat does not need to consume a lot of time and it could also be a form of enjoyable bonding and experience for the both of you.

  • Brushing.

Regularly brushing your cat doesn’t merely removes loose hair that your cat would consume while self-grooming, it can scatter the natural oils through its hair as well that can keep their coat and skin healthy and it can also avoid mats. Brush your cat from head to tail to make sure to get the backs of the sides and legs.


  • Bathing.

Occasional bathing can also benefit indoor cats. Cats will have natural oils build up in their fur, which causes them to smell and have irritations on their skin. Bathing will aid the health of their coat and skin by removing these particular oils. Guarantee that you utilize a mild shampoo that’s made specifically for cats.


  • Trimming of nails.

Trimming the nails of your cat may eventually be an extra easy process in the long run. Once your cat isn’t used to having their paws handled, it can surely be harder. It’s a great idea to get your cat get used to the idea of touching their hair before ‘you start trimming their nails. In cutting you cat’s nails, begin by applying gentle pressure to their foot’s pad. Through this, it will extend their paws. Then, start cutting off the white tip prior to the point where the curling of the nail is using a sharp nail scissors that’s made especially for pets.

Albert John
Albert John

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