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Ways To Encourage Your Cat to Drink More Water

by Albert John March 13, 2018

Ways To Encourage Your Cat to Drink More Water

Cats need less water compared to other animals and we frequently have a hard time getting them to drink as much as we would like. Cats with particular health problems, especially bladder infections and kidney failure, must drink more water compared to an average cat. Here are few ways to encourage your cat drink more water:


  • Vary the bowl types.

You can try different sorts of bowls such as high ones, low ones, a big dog bowl or a drinking glass. If it is unusual, cats might try it. Look for bowls with various materials including stainless steel, crocks, tempered glass.



  • Add water to their food.

You can add water to the food or feed canned food. Since canned goods has plenty of moisture, it will give your cat with more water. Although once you add additional water to the food, you have to be careful. There are some cats that are not into foods with added water. If you think your cat is the ‘picky’ type, you will need to attempt looking for other options. 



  • Add flavour to the water.

Extra flavors might encourage some cats to drink the water. To the bowl of water, you can try to add a bit of water from a can of water-packed tuna.


  • Give running water a try.

A lot of cats refuse to drink out of a bowl and they like running water more. Others drink from a slowly running faucets. However, you do not want to make your faucet run all day, right? Fortunately, there are available fountain bowls, which can give your cat a running water 24/7.


Albert John
Albert John

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