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Top 10 Dog Breeds in 2018

by Sarene Maev Butao November 23, 2018

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Top 10 Dog Breeds in 2018

There is nothing more satisfying and enjoying as going home and seeing your cute, little mutt wagging its tail, welcoming you. Or whenever they give us their sad puppy eyes as if asking for an apology for something they did. We can never deny the fact that dogs are a man’s, woman’s kids’ and almost everyone’s best friend and companion. Dogs are innately loyal and affectionate making them a really popular choice as a house pet. More so, dogs are not just considered pets nowadays, they are considered as family members and receive as much love, care, and affection as a normal human being does.

However, before you can experience the joy (and misery, yikes!) of owning a dog and being a dog owner, you first have to choose what type of dog breed do you want. This is a very crucial choice because you are going to take care and live with this living being. If there is a chance that you do not like the dog breed you chose, then you might not take care of it properly. And with over 300 wide varieties of dog breeds to choose from, you are in for a really hard choice.

But there is no need to fret! We are here to give you the top 10 most popular dog breeds in 2018. Although every dog breed is worth taking care for, these dog breeds won people’s choice because of their own reasons. If you need a handy-dandy guide in choosing a dog, consider yourself saved!

Top 10 Dog Breeds

  1. Boxer

The Boxer dog breed is a very loyal dog which is known to be explicitly affectionate to its owners. It is a popular dog breed for many families because of the said qualities. Boxers have developed to be quite the gentle giant they are today. Training this dog in its early years is essential because it likes to play a lot! You don’t want to be jumped up and down by this dog, wouldn’t you?

  1. Yorkshire Terrier

One of the most favored small dog breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier or the “Yorkie” as it is sometimes called, is the epitome of a purse dog. It is usually seen being carried by the owner and adorned with cute ribbons and bows. But do not ever underestimate this dog! Whatever it lacks in stature, it makes up for its personality. The Yorkie is a very vocal watchdog and can actively alert you to anything happening in your house. Talk about cuteness and practicality!

  1. Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is the true epitome of a gentle giant. Terrifying to others owners, this large dog is a great choice if you want a dog which is lovable and affectionate towards its owners. Just like the Boxer, training this dog in its early years is recommended so that they may be easier to manage.

  1. French Bulldog

If you want a dog that stays like a puppy forever, the French Bulldog could be the closest you could get. This adorable and playful dog is compact and sturdy despite its small stature. With its really large ears and wrinkled face, it’s truly irresistible even if you are not a dog lover.

  1. Poodle

Coming in at three sizes – miniature, toy, and standard, the Poodle used to be the most popular dog breed among the aristocracy because of their fancy appearance. Aside from its beauty, the Poodle is known for its intelligence. They are also athletic, and can run and swim quite well. Because of their hypoallergenic coat, Poodles require extra maintenance. This is not much of a price to pay knowing that you get to own a dog breed made for royalty!

  1. Beagle

Primarily used for hunting because of their extreme sense of smell, the Beagle is an active mutt perfect for playful children. Varying from small to medium sizes, this dog can keep up with the big ones because of its compact size and sturdiness. They typically like to get in trouble so you’re in for quite a thrill when you choose this dog breed.

  1. Bulldogs

Although mostly associated with the British culture, the Bulldog is now one of the most popular dog breeds in America. This really affectionate canine may not look that friendly in appearance but for sure, it is one of the most lovable dogs any dog owner could own. Despite its history of being a fighting dog, the Bulldog has grown to be the sweet, gentle companion we all know today.

  1. Golden Retriever

Often found working as a service or assistance dog, Golden Retrievers are typically kind, affectionate, and an eager to please personality. This breed seemed to have mastered the art of making friends as it can easily be a perfect dog for any family because of its friendly appearance. Talk about a dog having a big heart!

  1. German Shepherd

Known for its intelligence, trainability, and discipline, German Shepherds have been a really popular choice for any family out there which is quite the newbie when it comes to owning dogs. With their tough exterior, comes a really goofy interior! German Shepherds are known to be extremely playful aside from being loyal and serious. When you have a German Shepherd in your home, you are certain that you are safe.

  1. Labrador Retriever

Labradors are the perfect canine companion for any person or family! Loyal and affectionate, there is nothing more you can ask for a dog except this. It is also a great choice for kids because of its playfulness. When it is not seen at home, Labrador Retrievers are also seen as service animals or police dogs. This energetic dog will surely tire you, and for all the right reasons! 

Choosing a dog is never easy. Remember that every dog breed out there is worth a try, but you also have to consider their size, needs, health, care, and temperament. Have you made your choice? Or do you have a specific dog breed in mind? Share it with us in  the comments below!

Sarene Maev Butao
Sarene Maev Butao

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Ida Evans

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