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To Have Or Not To Have A Pug Dog

by Albert John May 30, 2017

To Have Or Not To Have A Pug Dog

Pug Dogs have that wrinkled forehead and face, plus a set of large and round expressive eyes that makes them look innocent, sad, and even comical at the same time. They are short yet stuffy dogs, their body is well built, and almost round that makes them extra desirable to be squeezed by an embrace.

            Aside from their appealing appearance, Pug Dogs have other strengths in character too. However, like all kinds of pet animals, their upsides are also coupled by downsides. So the question now is to have or not to have a Pug Dog? Let’s explore their advantages and disadvantages.


            Pug dogs are famous because they are inherently gorgeous, and what I mean by that is that they can make every outfit look fantastic! So, if you love fashion and if you like dressing your pet up for social events, Pug Dogs are the right choice.

            Another advantage of pugs is that they are very easy to groom. They have a soft and short coat that makes it very easy for anyone to groom and clean them.

             Because of their short and stocky body, they are considered one of the best lap dogs out there. They are easy to carry because they love interaction and they love being hugged. Pugs are also polite and make good companions for your other pets.

            You can also rely upon that pugs are not naughty dogs; they seldom get into trouble. In fact, an adult pug just spends a large part of the day sleeping and snoring.


            One of the disadvantages of Pug Dogs is Gassiness or Flatulence, or to be plain; their breath smells bad often.

            Another disadvantage is that they shed constantly, don’t be surprised to find their furs anywhere and almost every day.

            Pugs also have more health issues than other dogs; because of poor breeding practices, they have small faces that sometimes lead to respiratory problems, and they may also develop eye diseases, skin conditions, and joint disorders.

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Albert John
Albert John

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