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Tips on Training Your Puppy

by Albert John July 03, 2017

Tips on Training Your Puppy

You might wonder if what is the right age for them to start their puppy training. The answer is… IMMEDIATELY! Here are some tips and tricks on training your puppy while maintaining a balanced and obedient dog.


At first, you would want to provide your pup with a place where he will feel safe, which is a place that smells and seems familiar. So, you should bring your puppy outside your area first thing every morning. It’s essential to be consistent throughout the process for your puppy to learn that habit. 

When your puppy has finally gone outside, it’s important to pay back their good behaviors by rewarding them. It’s not necessary to give the big and loud celebrations, but a simple treat or a quiet approval can relay a message of a job well done.

Guarantee that you must not punish or do anything to make a negative association with her bodily functions to your puppy for an accident. Stay assertive, calm and remove your puppy to a place where you would want him to be.

Dog Walking

You may also look for safe ways to exercise your puppy. You should help to labor their energy in a productive way as your puppy is a pack leader. For all puppies and dogs, this implies a daily walk.

A visit to the veterinarian

Regular veterinary care is one of the foundations of your puppy’s good health. It’s vital that your puppy maintains an exercise routine and a nutritional diet to stay balanced and healthy. In addition, your vet can give you advice on flea, heartworm, and tick preventive care.

Albert John
Albert John

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