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Tips on Grooming Your Dog

by Albert John July 10, 2017

Tips on Grooming Your Dog

Regular grooming is one of the essential parts of a responsible dog care. If you do not have a routine set yet, you are encouraged to start small. The following are some tips on grooming your dog to make the process easier:

Brushing Tips:

Decide on how often you should brush.

Dogs who have short coats need to be brushed weekly. However, for those dogs that have long coats may be needed to be brushed on a daily basis.

Look for ticks while you brush.

You may notice the small black flecks or bugs on their coats.

Choose the perfect brush.

For dogs that have short coats, rubber brush is a must. After using it, use a bristle brush and then clean the coat with a cloth. Meanwhile, for long coats, you may use a smoother brush to be gentle if you aim to remove mats and tangles.

Bathing Tips

  • Know how often you need to bathe your dog.
  • Use a dog shampoo since dog’s skin is different from human skin.
  • Begin by brushing to make the bathing process more effective and easier.
  • Use a bath mat to prevent slipping.
  • Add a lukewarm water and ensure to not burn your pup or make it extra cold.
  • Do not spray water directly in the eyes, nose or ears.
  • Rinse well and properly remove all shampoo to prevent irritation.

Some breeds require more specific needs. To guarantee what grooming tips are best for your dog, you must ask and talk to your vet.

Albert John
Albert John

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