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Tips on Finding the Best Horse Whips

by Sarene Maev Butao August 21, 2019

Tips on Finding the Best Horse Whips

Finding the Best Horse Whips Online

Whips, crops, whatever you call them, you can find plenty of these online that come in various lengths and sizes. Which brings us to the question, “What kind of whip do I need for my horse?”. Luckily, you stumble upon this article. Below, we are going to talk about the different types of whips and their uses, helping you choose which one suits best for your horse. 

Soft Leather Riding Crop Horse Whip

  • The Riding Crop
    • The riding crop is a regular size whip that’s made for equitation or jumping. Keep in mind that a riding crop is a type of whip that is used to correct faults of your horses’ movement and posture. This whip should never be used with excessive force that might hurt your horse. The riding crop has a handle that is made with several layers of fabric. At the other end, is a pommel that is covered in different materials such as leather, fabric, or even metal.

    Hand Made Braided Riding Whip

  • The Dressage Whip
    • This type of whip is made especially for dressage competition use. It’s longer than the riding crop whip, mainly about 45", and has a short lash in its end. It is designed for the rider to tap the horse on its back without taking the rider's hands off the reins during the competition. Using it correctly gives a positive response. Keep in mind that a dressage whip should never be used to correct your horse. The whip is designed to send clear signals to your horse about movement changes.
  • The Lunge Whip
  • The lunge whip is made to catch a horses’ attention. It is a whip mainly used for lunging, a method of horse training where you drive your horse in a circle around you on a 20-meter rope called a lunge line. The training involves using your voice and body language. But with the help of the whip, it’ll make things much more manageable and can be used to control your horse’s hindquarters and speed during the training.
  • Genuine Cowhide Leather Dragon Chinese Style Horse Whip

  • The Jockey’s Whip
  • When it comes to horse racing, the Jockey’s Whip comes in handy. The whip is designed with a broader end compared to other whips. Its purpose is to make your horse run faster as it nearly approaches the finish line once it gets tired at the end of the race. It also triggers a noise when it comes in contact with the horse. As dangerous as it sounds, it doesn’t hurt your horse when you whip it using such.

  • Listed above are four types of whips that you can be bought online to name a few. With plenty of whips available around, doing your research helps you pick one that suits for your horsing needs. You can shop our horse whip collection to find something you like.

    Sarene Maev Butao
    Sarene Maev Butao

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