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Things To Know About Munchkin Cats

by Albert John September 18, 2017

Things To Know About Munchkin Cats

  • Munchkin cats are short and sweet.

They are medium-sized cats that looks similar to most of the felines excluding one unique trait, which is their stubby and short legs that is a trait that can be found similarly to Dachshunds and Welsh Corgis. These trait is one of the results of genetic mutation.


  • Munchkin cats have short jumps.

The jump of a munchkin is quite limited. They cannot probably make it onto the bookcase of your bedroom. However, they can make it onto the kitchen counters the moment they want to.


  • Munchkins are actually fast regardless of their short legs.

The major strength of a Munchkin is its speed. It has a massive amount of energy with a knack of agility and speed that takes corners like a speed racer and keeping low to the ground to have the most traction.


  • Munchkins are quite similar to bunnies.

Munchkins are often found up using their hind legs similar to a rabbit to see something better that has caught their eyes.


  • Munchkins love to cuddle.

Munchkins are more likely to crave for a company, it could be a dog, a kid, complete stranger or other animals. Name it all! They want to chase and have games or hunting a catnip mouse. However, they will never say no to a warm lap for cuddling.


  • Munchkins are very curious.

Albert John
Albert John

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